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    WestPoint Semi-Automatic Twin Tub Washer/Dryer

    This WestPoint Twin Tub Washer is suitable for doing laundry in any compact environment. As for a portable washing machine, this one is perfect!. This washing machine is ideal for dorms, apartments, condos, homes and more.

    • USD: $182.62 - $327.56
    • CAD: $250.66 - $449.60
    • GBP: £141.31 - £253.45
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    Frigidaire 4 Burner 30 inch Gas Range Stove-buymozlems.comFrigidaire 4 Burner 30 inch Gas Range Stove-buymozlems.com
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    Frigidaire 4 Burner 30 inch Gas Range Stove

    Start Cooking with the Frigidaire 4.2 cu. ft. Freestanding Gas Range The Frigidaire 4.2 cu. ft. Gas Range will urge you to embrace your inner chef. From breakfast to dinner, you will be eager to test your skills from baking to frying. With a gas range, you will have the added bonus of a consistent temperature and even heating. Four 9,000 BTU all-purpose burners provide plenty of space to prepare your favorite dishes and try a few more that may become a new favorite. Thanks to the clean oven door, you can peek in to see how your dish is doing without compromising a consistent temperature in the oven. Delicate dishes like a homemade soufflé depend on the steady temperature to come out just right. No matter what you have making, you can't go wrong with this reliable range.

    • USD: $1,111.20
    • CAD: $1,525.20
    • GBP: £859.80
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    Panasonic 400 Watts Stereo System SC-AKX200Panasonic 400 Watts Hi-Fi Stereo SC-AKX200
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    Panasonic 400 Watts Hi-Fi Stereo System

    Experience dynamic party beats with the 400W Panasonic SC-AKX200 Bluetooth® mini system. Just like having a DJ in your own home, this powerful music system lets you record and play via the double USB and request songs via the MAX Juke app. Available on Google play, this versatile app also lets you stream your favourite tracks through the SC-AKX200's speakers and large 16cm woofer for big bass and rich notes. Hard press corrugation has been added to the already impressive woofer to suppress distortion and deliver greater clarity of sound. Maximize your music with genre-specific settings using the mini system's local preset equalizer. Choose from rock, pop or connect the SC-AKX200 to your TV and enjoy watching sport and movies with another dimension of sound.

    • USD: $277.80
    • CAD: $381.30
    • GBP: £214.95