• Hisense 55 inch Smart Television-buymozlems.comHisense 55 inch Smart
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    Hisense 55″ LED Smart Television

    Hisense 55-inch class (54.6″ diag.) UHD Smart DLED TV (55DU6500) i’m a big deal. Have you ever seen a 4K UHD TV like this? We’re guessing that if you did, it was not this affordable. It has four times more pixels (8.3 million) than standard high-definition TV, so the H6 Series 4K UHD TV has really bright colors, clean lines, and rich contrast. The HDR technology maximizes brightness while the built-in UHD Upscaler converts lower resolution content as close to 4K as possible. This series also features award-winning sound integrated from dbx-tv® and comes with tons of built-in apps to personalize your entertainment.

    • USD: $1,101.54
    • CAD: $1,511.94
    • GBP: £852.32
  • Hitachi Roku 50 inch Smart Television-buymozlems.comHitachi Roku 50 inch Smart
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    Hitachi Roku 50 inch Smart Television

    The new Hitachi Roku TV delivers a truly extraordinary Smart TV experience. With the Roku OS streaming experience built right in, you can stream just about anything. Access 300,000+ paid or free movies and TV episodes, including blockbusters, broadcast, live sports, news, kids' programming and music, across channels like Netflix, Amazon Video, Hulu, Google Play, Vudu, and PBS Kids. Setup is effortless, with a simple interface that makes navigation easy. A personalized Home screen makes it easy to access everything from one place, streaming channels, cable and satellite, Blu-ray, gaming consoles are just one click away—no more wading through inputs.

    • USD: $1,078.67
    • CAD: $1,480.55
    • GBP: £834.63
  • LG HD LED 32 inch Television-buymozlems.comLG HD LED 32 inch
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    LG HD LED 32″ Television

    Enjoy TV shows, movies, games and more in crisp 720p(32-inch-class) HD resolution, with the bright color and outstanding efficiency of an LED-backlit display. With its slim profile, the LH5000 television is an elegant way to bring an impressive picture to more spaces.

    • USD: $417.10
    • CAD: $572.50
    • GBP: £322.74
  • Panasonic 55 inch LED Television -buymozlems.comPanasonic 55 inch LED Television
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    Panasonic 55″ LED Smart Television

    Diagonal lines and edges are detected with high precision for all types of images, and optimal correction is applied to achieve beautiful, noise-free lines. People’s faces are detected and skin tones are corrected to ensure soft, natural complexions.
    Additionally, Viera Connect is a cloud services that offers apps in a number of categories; video and music, social networking, games, news and lifestyle,sports, health and fitness. Viera Connect optimizes this TV for the best customer experience with Netflix, Huluplus, Amazon Instant Video, Facebook, Twitter, and much more.

    • USD: $1,197.20
    • CAD: $1,643.24
    • GBP: £926.34
  • Philips 40 inch LED Television-buymozlems.comPhilips 40 inch LED
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    Philips 40″ LED Television

    Enjoy movies, pictures, infotainment and other online content directly on your TV whenever you like. The Philips 40PFL4901/F7 also features Sonic Emotion Premium which creates a rich 3D Surround Sound.
    Your favorite HD content delivered wirelessly with the Philips 40.

    • USD: $594.25
    • CAD: $815.65
    • GBP: £459.81
  • Seiki 49 inch LED Smart
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    RCA 40″ LED Television

    The RCA 40″ LED 60Hz HDTV, features energy-efficient LED technology for a bright, clear picture. Full HD resolution provides an amazing entertainment experience. Enjoy more with the RCA 40″ Class 1080p LED TV that invites you to enjoy a viewing experience that redefines reality on a large full HD 1080p 40″ LED screen. It supports a wide range of input technologies such as 3 HDMI, VGA, YPBPR, AV Audio/Video, PC Audio, Headphone, RF. The spectacular contrast ratio ensures vibrant and perfectly bright imagery.

    • USD: $429.02
    • CAD: $588.86
    • GBP: £331.96
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    Samsung 32 inch LED Smart Television-buymozlems.comSamsung 32 inch LED Smart
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    Samsung 32″ LED Smart Television

    Have a movie night with this 32-inch Samsung television. The Motion Rate 60 feature reduces ghosting and blurring for a clearer picture, and the wide color enhancer brings enriched hues to even older video. This Samsung television is equipped with Dolby Digital Plus to fill a room with rich, powerful sound.

    $1,408.70 $1,267.83
    • USD: $469.60
    • CAD: $644.56
    • GBP: £363.36
  • Samsung 32 inch LED Television-buymozlems.comSamsung 32 inch LED
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    Samsung 32″ LED Television

    The Samsung J4000 32-Inch LED TV combines high-quality picture and sound to help give users the most out of their viewing experience. The wide color enhancer feature provides enriched color and imagery, and with Motion Rate 60 you can enjoy clear moving picture resolution. DTS premium sound creates built-in surround sound, and with an HDMI input you can get higher quality audio and video with just one cord. You can play your own music, picture, or videos through the J4000 using the built-in USB port.

    • USD: $417.10
    • CAD: $572.50
    • GBP: £322.74
  • Samsung 55 inch LED Smart Television-buymozlems.comSamsung 55 inch LED Smart
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    Samsung 55″ LED Smart Television

    Enjoy Full HD viewing and enriched colors on this Samsung HDTV. Its Smart TV features let you stream videos and music, surf the Internet, download apps and more. Plus, watch your TV entertainment on your mobile device or vice versa.

    • USD: $1,359.53
    • CAD: $1,866.05
    • GBP: £1,051.95
  • Sceptre 19 inch LED Television-buymozlems.comSceptre 19 inch LED
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    Sceptre 19″ LED Television

    The Sceptre 19” LED HDTV requires little space but still delivers captivating entertainment. The wide selection of colors that 720P resolution has to offer will never fail to impress you. 1 HDMI ports allow you to connect your devices to this LED HDTV so you can catch up on your favorite show and stream your online internet content. The brush finish on the surface of this 19” LED TV not only provides protection from scratches, but is also pleasing to the touch. Possessing quality in both design and performance, this energy saving HDTV is the perfect addition to your ever evolving décor.

    • USD: $172.32
    • CAD: $236.52
    • GBP: £133.33
  • Sceptre 32 Inch LED TV-buymozlems.comSceptre 32 Inch LED
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    Sceptre 32″ LED TV

    With Sceptre B7TV56AA, razor-sharp clarity and dazzling color unfolds right before your eyes.. From battle scenes to car chases, MEMC 120 will smoothly deliver almost twice as many frames as 60Hz. HDMI input delivers the unbeatable combination of high-definition video and clear audio. A USB port comes in handy when you want to flip through all of your stored pictures and tune into your stored music. More possibilities: with HDMI, VGA, Component and Composite inputs, we offer a convenient balance between the old and new to suit your diverse preferences.

    • USD: $260.89
    • CAD: $358.09
    • GBP: £201.87
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    Sceptre 50 inch LED Television-buymozlems.comSceptre 50 inch LED
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    Sceptre 50″ LED Television

    Full HD 1080P delivers a vivid combination of colors and clarity that stunningly resemble natural images. HDMI ports provide high definition images and impressive audio when you connect your Blu-Ray player, satellite or cable receiver, and top-of-the-line gaming console. MHL is included in the HDMI 2 port so you can conveniently connect your smartphone, tablet, or streaming stick to the TV. Insert a flash drive into the USB port to flip through your photos and tune into your music.

    • USD: $576.86
    • CAD: $791.78
    • GBP: £446.35