DUCATI Lady Diamond ICE Bucket with Handle with 6 Scotch Glasses with Tong


  • XCD: $76.02
  • CAD: $35.32
  • GBP: £20.21

Impress your guests and serve your ice in style with this glamorous ice bucket. A Perfect fit for your old fashioned whiskey glasses. This ice bucket is uniquely designed with deep diamond cuts that brilliantly refract light. Our ice bucket is equipped with a handle and Include a set of Stainless Steel Ice Tongs and 6 Pieces glass.

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Material Glass
Color Clear
Brand Ducati
  • Pack of 1 Glass Bucket with handle , 6 Glasses and 1 Steel tong.
  • Material: Glass for your barware collection.
  • Glass Quality for maximum safety from breakage, superior resistance and durability.
  • Suitable For Whiskey, Scotch, Beverages, its for Every occasion or Everyday use, Ideal for Gift.


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