Westpoint Twin Tub Washer WTW-615.P


Westpoint Twin Tub Washer WTW-615.P

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  • GBP: £159.81

The Westpoint washer 615-p allows you to do laundry in the This washing machine washes and dries. You don’t need much detergent. Designed to save time and money with two built-in units, one tub for washing clothes and a separate tub for spinning out excess water. This compact mini twin tub washing machine is perfect for those with a need to multi-task, save space and may want to save themselves a trip to the expensive laundromat.comfort of your home.

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  • Capacity- 6 Kg
  • Rated current- 2 A
  • Max power- 475 W

Brand- Westpoint

Colour- White

Voltage- 230V- 50 Hz

Water pressure range- 0.6 MPa

Class- 1


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